The Magdalena Project

The Magdalena ProjectThe Magdalena Project is an international network of women in contemporary theatre.

“If there is an overall objective, it has been to create the artistic and economic structures to enable women to work and to get that work seen and seriously recognised in a wider cultural context.” Jill Greenhalgh, Founding Director, the Magdalena Project

Founded in 1986 in Cardiff, Wales, the Magdalena Project is an organisation committed to creating opportunities for women performers to make new and original work. In 1999, the Project’s revenue funding from the Welsh Arts Council was cut, and the Cardiff office closed. Rather than despair at this loss of funds, the Project has chosen to regard this as an opportunity to redefine its structures, taking advantage of new technologies and allowing the global network to steer the future direction of the Project.

The Project continues to publish annually The Open Page, maintain a web site, and actively support women in contemporary theatre around the world. Between 1986 and 1999, the Magdalena Project has:

* produced performances, workshops, conferences and collaborations
* hosted international festivals
* gathered a wealth of archive material relating to women and performance
* published newsletters, journals and books
* acted as a consultant to women’s theatre events around the world.

Information about current and past activities can be found on the Magdalena Project web site,

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