Hui On Women in Theatre

Hui on Women in Theatre

Hui on Women in TheatreA Hui on Women in Theatre will be held on Monday 19 September 2016 at Circa Theatre, Wellington, with a view to holding a conference, or series of seminars in 2017.

Please join us: Circa Theatre, Wellington on Monday 19th September from 2-5pm, then 6-8pm. (Come to one session if you can’t be there the whole time.)

Every regular theatre go-er knows that there are far more men portrayed on stage than women. Women in theatre know that we are the minority in every area of our profession from board members to roles on stage.
This raises the question – Why?

So what can we do to remedy this bias in our profession, our art, our careers?
We are calling on everyone interested in change – from actors, playwrights and board members, to audiences and would-be audiences – to meet at Circa Theatre on Women’s Suffrage Day 2016 to discuss what we want to achieve, and ways of moving forward to implement those changes. All welcome.

To estimate numbers, an RSVP would be appreciated.