Magdalena makes history

Magdalena Aotearoa 1999

Magdalena Aotearoa has made it into the pages of the official New Zealand History website, with a very nice article written by Cherie Jacobson. The article traces our journey from the very beginning, through the organisation and realisation of our International Festival of Women’s Performance, and our ongoing activities up to the present day.

Twenty years after the major 1999 festival, many of the women involved were still making, performing, leading, influencing and pushing boundaries in the performing arts in New Zealand and abroad. As newer generations of women began to arrive and make their mark, they may not have been aware of Magdalena Aotearoa specifically; but they undoubtedly learned from and worked with some of the broad network of women who had enjoyed formative experiences and developed their practice as a result of Magdalena Aotearoa.

The full article can be read here on the NZ History website.