‘Voices of Women’ album released

Voices of Women 2020

PACT is excited to let you know about this new album that we are very proud of

As we approach Suffrage Day on 19 September, aligning this year with NZ’s General Election, it is timely that Hamilton-based composer Janet Jennings has released an album of new music celebrating exactly this.  Voices of Women features leading NZ female musicians, singing the words of some of NZ’s most well-known female leaders, writers and activists including, of course, Kate Sheppard, and our current Prime Minister.  Described by one reviewer as “an exemplary performance, by and of women, full of sound and pleasure,” the album is available now from Marbeck’s in Auckland or online.

Featuring leading female musicians and vocalists, with music written by one of our leading composers for voice, and revitalising the words of iconic NZ speakers and writers, this album is important, meaningful and unique.  We want to make sure you know about it.

Voices of Women would make a wonderful gift from you to friends, family, visitors and others – both here and abroad.  We appreciate your support – and want you to know that every CD purchased increases the exposure of our artists and composer.

PACT wishes to thank our sponsors and funders, without whom this project could not have been successfully completed.  These are WELEnergy Trust, Trust Waikato, Norah Howell Trust, Creative Communities Scheme and a range of private donors.

The CD can be ordered online from Marbeck’s or collected from their Auckland store.  The link is here.

Nāku iti noa, nā

Jenni Murphy-Scanlon
Performing Arts Community Trust (PACT)
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Photos by Kerry Blakeney-williams of the live concert at the Dr John Gallagher Concert Chamber in December 2019.

Voices of Women 2020