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Jo Randerson

Jo Randerson: Call to Action

Jo RandersonJo Randerson was interviewed recently by The Big Idea on the status of the artist in society today.

“How can we stand up as artists and demand the conditions that we need to work?” Jo says. “There are a lot of really poor offers that are made by institutions and companies to artists, and we continue to say yes to those offers.”

Read the full article here.

Hui on Women in Theatre

Women in Theatre Hui

The third Women in Theatre Hui will be held on 24 September 2017, 13:00-17:00, at BATS Theatre, Wellington.

Do you support Pay Equity for Women in Theatre?
Equal Representation?
What are you doing about it?
What do you want to do about it?
Come along and discuss these and other questions, and find out what others have been doing.
Register your interest on the Women in Theatre NZ Facebook Page or by emailing

The Heyday Dome is located on the first floor at BATS, with four sets of stairs to access the space. If you require assistance ascending the stairs, please contact BATS on 04 802 4176 for more information.

Remembering the Dark Ride

This fabulous image of Kilda Northcott as Demeter, in the2005 spectacular Demeter’s Dark Ride – An Attraction, is featured on the cover of issue 70 of Australian Drama Studies. It accompanies the article “A Rare Opportunity to Fail’: STAB’s Legacy of Theatrical Experimentation” by Emma Willis, in which she explores the history of BATS Theatre’s STAB season, since its beginnings in 1995.

STAB continues to be a great opportunity for theatre makers, and many Magdalenas have particpated over the years. As well as discussing Demeter’s Dark Ride, Emma mentions Jo Randerson and Trouble’s The Lead Wait (1997) and Helen Varley Jamieson’s the[abs]experiment (2001). Overall the article provides a comprehensive review of 21 years of STAB seasons.

Demeter’s Dark Ride – an attraction was directed by Madeline McNamara and involved most of the Magdalena Aotearoa team in some way or other.

You can purchase a copy of Australia Drama Studies here.

Hens Teeth is coming back!

Hello Wellington Friends

Hens Teeth is coming back! In case you hadn’t heard.

March 14 – 25
Circa Theatre

As you probably know, some of us have passed on, but a few of the old gang – Cooking with Condoms, (Prue Langbein) Dame Kate Harcourt, Cathy Sheat, Cynthia & Gertie, (Rose Beauchamp and I) and Darien Takle will be on board, led by our new MC (Mother Chook) Pinky Agnew AND a troupe of new performers. Do hope you can come and bring a group!

Haven’t got photos of the others yet but here’s Rose and me, back in the day.

Since it first premiered at Circa Theatre back in 1988, Hens’ Teeth (A Season of Women Comedians) has broken box-office records! The secret of the widespread popularity of Hens’ Teeth is simple: it is women being funny. And not only are these women funny, but they are funny about things that are part of the fabric of most women’s lives.

Book at Circa 801 7992 or
Please pass this on!
Many thanks,

A feminist fringe

Wellington’s annual Fringe Festival is in full swing, bigger than ever with 130 shows at venues from the city to Kapiti Coast and Upper Hutt. This year, there’s also a Feminist Fringe – a website dedicated to feminist engagement with the 2017 Fringe Festival.

The idea of Henrietta Bollinger, Zoe Higgins and Catherine Hart, the website aims to create a space to talk about feminist, women-centred theatre, queer, and alternative theatre practices.

Check it out at

Maule and McNamara public presentation about Magdalena Aotearoa.

One of the best names ever WTF! a plethora of stuff in Wellington including a presentation by trustees about Magdalena and Magdalenas by Madeline McNamara and Lisa Maule.

“The Magdalena Effect” panel takes place on Thursday 2nd March, 6.30pm – for more information and bookings click here.

Link to the Women’s Theatre Festival page.

Get a pdf of the brochure (I know it’s not the same…)

Let’s Make Work Together – Barbarian Productions


What do you mean, Let’s Make Work Together?

LMTW is Barbarian Productions’ inaugural arts incubator platform, funded by Wellington City Council. Over two exciting weeks we provide space, support, rigour, encouragement and accountability to independent artists making works that are socially involved, challenging or political in nature.

Our 2016 LMWT brings an amazingly talented group of artists into contact with one another at the Vogelmorn Bowling Club. We’re also offering a whole programme of public events so that you can come along and be a part of the excitement!

See for the full programme of workshops and events.

Hui on Women in Theatre

Hui On Women in Theatre

Hui on Women in TheatreA Hui on Women in Theatre will be held on Monday 19 September 2016 at Circa Theatre, Wellington, with a view to holding a conference, or series of seminars in 2017.

Please join us: Circa Theatre, Wellington on Monday 19th September from 2-5pm, then 6-8pm. (Come to one session if you can’t be there the whole time.)

Every regular theatre go-er knows that there are far more men portrayed on stage than women. Women in theatre know that we are the minority in every area of our profession from board members to roles on stage.
This raises the question – Why?

So what can we do to remedy this bias in our profession, our art, our careers?
We are calling on everyone interested in change – from actors, playwrights and board members, to audiences and would-be audiences – to meet at Circa Theatre on Women’s Suffrage Day 2016 to discuss what we want to achieve, and ways of moving forward to implement those changes. All welcome.

To estimate numbers, an RSVP would be appreciated.

Spotlight on women playwrights

StandUpAndBeCountedThe Guardian’s 2015 list of the 101 greatest plays in any western language included only one living woman (Caryl Churchill). Are New Zealand’s women playwrights as invisible, writer Emily Perkins asks Lorae Parry, Miria George, Lynda Chanwai-Earle and Rachel Callinan?

Friday 11 March, 11am
Circa Theatre$19 – buy tickets here

This panel discussion is part of Spotlight on Playwrights, a series of events, conversations and readings presented by Circa Theatre and the 2016 New Zealand Festival Writers Week in partnership with Playmarket.