Let the Gathering Begin!

This evening our third Gathering got underway – Recharge: The Gathering 2009. The Gathering is a platform for showing work-in-progress, and getting constructive criticism from our colleagues, peers, friends, etc. It is about coming together through our work, sharing & exchanging, and ultimately about nurturing the development of theatre work through sharing the process. Too often we struggle away, working in relative isolation; but as theatre work is ultimately presented to an audience, there is much to be gained from presenting work-in-progress to an audience.

One of the themes of the Gathering this year is writing about the work. Writing is a way to continue the exchange beyond the physical meeting; it’s also a way to document the exchange, perhaps to clarify or elaborate on things raised in discussion; and a way to reflect on things later. This blog can be used to publish & share our writing.

This picture is from last year’s Gathering – Jan Bolwell reading from her play about Frances Hodgkins; the play is currently in rehearsal for its premier in May.gathering_06