What I did in the holidays

This easter I went to Newtown for my holidays. It was fun. There was chocolate, cake and hot cross buns, coffee, yoga and lots of lentils. The lentils made Caz fart during other Caz’s feedback. We all laughed even though it was a sensitive moment and we were supposed to be serious. Not many people were serious at all actually.

We watched shows and gave feedback. We are now very good at making feedback. We are so good at feedback we do it all the time. Moira makes a pot of tea; feedback, Janet? Madeline makes a pun; would you like to respond to that Jade? Helen does the housekeeping; is there anything you would like to share on that Judith?

Lots and lots of really interesting things happened. There were severed heads, clowns, naked bodies covered in milk and hula hoop dancing. With feedback. If I am allowed, I think I might come back again next holidays.