Magdalena Aotearoa logoThe Magdalena Aotearoa Trust, founded in 1997, encourages and promotes the work of women in the performing arts in Aotearoa (New Zealand). It is inspired by the Magdalena Project, an international network of women in contemporary performance.


Recent News

Magdalena Aotearoa 1999 Magdalena makes history - Magdalena Aotearoa has made it into the pages of the official New Zealand History website, with a very nice article written by Cherie Jacobson. The article traces our journey from the very beginning, through the organisation and realisation of our International Festival of Women's Performance, and our ongoing activities up to the present day.
Men taking up space again … - It's great that currently there is increased discussion around the representation of women and minority groups in theatre, both in New Zealand and internationally. What's not so great is when men, however well intentioned, think they can make a useful contribution to the discussion but instead end up providing a great example of the problem.
Madeline McNamara THE ATTITUDES – Refusing Performance - Madeline McNamara performs her solo show "Refusing Performance - the Attitudes, for 5 nights at BATS Theatre. This showing is part of a series of performance-based investigations since 2008 and in collaboration with Jade Eriksen.
“Women Like Us” – 25 years on - A play written for the centenary of women's suffrage gets a new lease of life 25 years later. Playwright Helen Varley Jamieson reports on the development of the project and recent workshop in Wellington.
I'll Tell you This for Nothing “I’ll tell you this for nothing” - "I’ll Tell You This for Nothing - My Mother the War Hero" tells the story of little-known WW2 hero Phyllis in a 70 minute solo performance written and acted by her daughter, Kate JasonSmith.
Women’s Theatre Festival 2018 - Circa Theatre is delighted to once again host WTF! Women’s Theatre Festival throughout August, September and October.
WOMEN ON THE VERGE . . . WRITING WORKSHOP - As part of the fourth Women in Theatre Hui, Circa Theatre is hosting a writing workshop for women.
Question Time Blues - This satirical and outrageous performance by Catherine Delahunty, ex Green Party MP exposes the truly bizarre underbelly of politics via poetry and bad gossip.
BATS Theatre, 1-3 February
Kiwi Magdalenas in Munich - The Magdalena München Saison 2018 took place during February, March and April in Munich, Germany. Kiwis Helen Varley Jamieson and Deborah Hunt (NZ/Puerto Rico) were amont more than 30 German and international women artists presenting work during the season.
Refusing Performance – The Attitudes -
Madeline McNamara shows her performance investigation "Refusing Performance - The Attitudes" at Vogelmorn Bowling Club, 6.30pm, Friday 17 November.