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Gathering 2007: Programme

Thursday 5 April
From 6pm
Welcome to participants and introductions – round
Shared meal – BYO
Friday 6 April
Registration and tea/coffee
9.30- 12.00
Panel Discussion: Giving & Receiving Constructive Criticism
Panel: Helen Moulder, Lyne Pringle, Kilda Northcott, Jo Randerson
First presentation: Kitchen Drawers by Rose Beauchamp; followed by discussion
Afternoon tea
Second presentation: The Lady and the Hooligan by Pauleen Hayes, followed by discussion
Dinner break
Formal welcome, followed by the screening of Crazy Voyage, directed by Sally Rodwell and Alan Brunton: the documentary of the 1999 Magdalena Aotearoa International Festival of Women’s Performance (60 min).
Saturday 7 April
House-keeping and tea/coffee
Workshop: Planning for Development
Convenors: Mel Hamilton & Helen Varley Jamieson
Third presentation: Winter by Diane Spodarek, followed by discussion
Afternoon tea
Fourth presentation: Does this Make Sense to You? stage adaptation of Renée’s novel of the same name, directed by Lilicherie McGregor, followed by discussion
Dinner break
Concert by Mahinarangi Tocker, at Happy ($15/$10 for Gathering participants)
Sunday 8 April
House-keeping and tea/coffee
Workshop: Voice workshop
Tutor: Mahinarangi Tocker
Free slot
Afternoon tea
Fifth presentation: What it means to be civilised, by Interloper, followed by discussion
Dinner break
Video screenings: videos from members of the Magdalena Project around the world
Monday 9 April
9-9.30am House-keeping and tea/coffee
9.30-12.00 Panel Discussion: Creating an Ensemble
Panel: invited practitioners
Facilitator: Jessica Sutherland
12-1pm lunch
1-3pm Sixth presentation: Double Helix by Nancy Fulford, followed by discussion
3-3.30pm Afternoon tea
3.30-6pm Seventh presentation: The Bonekeeper by Helen Moran, followed by discussion
6-7.30pm Dinner break
8pm Closing night party and open stage
Tuesday 10 April
9.30-11.00 Closing round and evaluation of the Gathering
11-11.30 morning tea
11.30-1pm Magdalena Aotearoa meeting – future plans and getting involved
1pm Closing lunch
4pm End of gathering; participants taken to airport, cleaning of the community centre

All events take place at the Newtown Community Centre (corner Rintoul & Colombo Streets, Newtown, Wellington) apart from Mahinarangi Tocker’s concert on Saturday 7th which is at Happy (corner of Tory & Vivian Streets). Lunches will be provided at the venue and group dinners are being organised at local Newtown cafes (these are not included in the fee).

Gathering 2007: workshops and panels

The workshops and panels at the National Gathering were:

  • Giving and Receiving Constructive Criticism
    9.30-12, Friday 6 April
    Presenters: Helen Moulder, Lyne Pringle, Kilda Northcott and Jo Randerson
    This panel discussion will present practitioners’ experiences of seeking feedback on their work over a period of time – how they set out to receive the kind of feedback they were looking for, and how they then used this in further development of the work. It will help participants to focus on what they are looking for in feedback and criticism regarding their own work, how to give constructive feedback to others, and what to do with feedback when you get it.
  • Planning for Development
    9.30-12, Saturday 7 April
    Convenors: Mel Hamilton & Helen Varley Jamieson
    In this workshop, participants will create a timeline for the development of their work, identifying key stages and events e.g. work-in-progress showings, funding deadlines, and resources (including people) that might need to be brought in.
  • Voice Workshop
    9.30-12, Sunday 8 April
    Tutor: Mahinarangi Tocker
    mahinarangiA renowned singer-songwriter of Maori, Jewish and Celtic descent, Mahinarangi Tocker will lead a practical voice workshop that will improve participants creativity in song writing, singing and performance skills, and encourage new discoveries in breath and movement. The workshop will include games and exercises around improvisation, listening and performance.

Mahinarangi will also perform at Happy (corner Tory & Vivian Streets, Wellington) on Saturday 7th April; Gathering participants will receive a discount to her concert.

  • Creating an Ensemble
    9.30-12, Monday 9 April
    Facilitator: Jessica Sutherland
    A panel featuring practitioners from ensembles including some of the presenting artists. How – in the nature of the world that we live in – do we create an ensemble of artists? Do we need to? How is it different or the same as other countries?

helen_moulderGuest presenters and facilitators:

  • Helen Moulder: Helen kindly interrupts her extensive national tour of “Playing Miss Havisham” (pictured at right) to speak to us about her creative process for this and other works. Helen’s career as a performer and theatre maker spans 30 years and includes appearing in the women’s comedy series Hens’ Teeth.
  • Lyne Pringle: leading senior dance practitioner Lyne Pringle (pictured below) will talk about her experience of developing the award-winning dance theatre piece “Fishnet” (with Kilda Northcott) over several years. “Fishnet” explores the role of older women in dance and theatre. Lyne has choreographed and produced numerous dance works and has performed with a number of leading New Zealand choreographers.
  • Kilda Northcott: Lyne’s collaborator Kilda Northcott (pictured below) is also a leading senior dancer and choreographer and will talk with Lyne about the development of “Fishnet”. Kilda was a founding member of Limbs Dance Company and the Douglas Wright Dance Company, and directs the Kilda Northcott Youth Dance Company. Her collaboration with Lyne Pringle is Bipeds Productions.
  • joJo Randerson (pictured right): a New Zealand based writer, comedienne and director, Jo (pictured right) has presented her performances internationally and won awards including the Bruce Mason Playwrights Award, Robert Burns Fellowship and Winston Churchill Fellowship. She has recently been seen roaming around Europe with a circus troupe.
  • Mahinarangi Tocker (Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Tuwharetoa, Ngati Maniapoto, Jewish and Celtic ancestry): for more than 20 years, Mahinarangi (pictured above) has been writing music and collaborating on productions including Michael Parmenter’s “Jerusalem”; she will lead a practical voice training workshop.
  • Mel Hamiltonmel: a freelance producer working with companies such as Barbarian Productions. Mel (pictured right) is also a performer, publicist and sometimes technician. A yoga enthusiast and dancer, she very much loves the world of clowns. She will co-facilitate the workshop Planning for Development.
  • Helen Varley Jamieson: co-facilitating with Mel Hamilton is Helen Varley Jamieson, whose recent work includes producing Demeter’s Dark Ride – An Attraction and managing the 2006 NZ visits of international theatre artists Rosa Casado, Jadranka Andjelic and Antonella Diana.
  • jessicaJessica Sutherland: co-director of Ake Ake Theatre Company, Jessica will facilitate the panel discussion on Creating an Ensemble. Jessica has worked with many ensembles creating devised work and she has trained at Ecole Jaques Le Coq (Paris), Dah Theatre (Belgrade) and Pantheatre (Maleragues) as well as completing a Master of Theatre Arts (Directing) through Toi Whakaari and Victoria University.


image by GRM digital photography Tauranga to Auckland

Above: Kilda Northcott and Lyne Pringle in Fishnet

Gathering 2007: works-in-progress

The works in progress shown and discussed at the National Gathering were (in order of presentation):

  • Kitchen Drawers
    1-3pm, Friday 6 April
    This will be the third and final part of a longer work, The Voyage, by Rose Beauchamp, featuring puppetry, mask and clown and exploring themes of living, dying and being present through the contents of her mother’s kitchen drawers. Rose is particularly looking for dramaturgical feedback from people with some experience or feeling for clown work.
  • The Lady and the Hooligan: A Melodrama in as Many Acts
    3.30-6pm, Friday 6 April
    Pauleen Hayes has written a three-act script based on the story of Flossie Le Mar, an eccentric vaudeville entertainer and pacifist who toured Australasia during the 1900s with her husband, demonstrating the benefits of Ju Jitsu for women “set upon by the evil designs of men.” Pauleen is interested in exploring – with humour – the concept of sexual violence as a random, inadvertently latent, vaguely inherent male legacy. As well as finding possible collaborators, Pauleen is also looking for overall feedback on the dramaturgy, music, use of multi-media and choreography.
  • Winter
    1-3pm, Saturday 7 April
    A one-act play by Diane Spodarek about a U.S. national who comes to live in New Zealand with her Kiwi partner; the script has had workshop readings at the Playmarket conference and in New York. Diane is pondering whether it needs to be developed to a full-length production or stay as one act, as well as how to go deeper into the psyche of two people from opposite ends of the earth, and how to reach an NZ audience with a Kiwi character when she, the writer, is not a Kiwi.
  • Does This Make Sense To You?
    3.30-6pm, Saturday 7 April
    A stage adaptation of Renée’s novel of the same name, this work addresses the topical issue of teen pregnancy and is directed byLilicherie McGregor with a cast including Madeline McNamara and Dale Ferris. An invited audience of teen mothers will attend the rehearsed reading at the Gathering and feedback will be sought from this specific target audience.
  • What It means to be civilised
    3.30-6pm, Sunday 8 April
    A new work exploring what it means to be civilised, devised by Interloper (Chrissie Butler, Ksenya Chobanovich, Kieran Monaghan, Bronwyn Bent and Isaac Smith). The group is intersted in feedback on the dramaturgy, audience relationship and visual impact.
  • Double Helix
    1-3pm, Monday 9 April
    The story of the mystery of DNA is the starting point for a performance that embodies and physicalises the human dilemma of competition versus cooperation – concept by Nancy Fulford, with four actors. Nancy is interested in finding actors to work with, technical ideas and support, and exploring musical accompaniment.
  • The Bonekeeper
    3.30-6pm, Monday 9 April
    A theatrical exploration of relationship: with the earth, with our ancestors, our lovers, ourselves. The Bonekeeper, still in the process of being revised and devised, is being co-written by Kathleen Gallagher and Helen Moran. Devised and performed by Helen Moran, it grows out of a years’ exploration of archetypal material with Jane Gilmer which culminated in a professional production. Helen will be seeking feedback on specific areas including use of multimedia, Maori aspect, and setting up a national and international tour.

Gathering 2007

Gathering coordinator Helen Varley Jamieson introduces the first panel of speakers, from left: Kilda Northcott, Lyne Pringle, Jo Randerson and Helen Moulder.The Gathering is now over, and it was a great success. We are currently compiling the next issue of the Magdalena Aotearoa newsletter, which will contain reports from the Gathering. In the meantime, you can access the programme and information about the works-in-progress that were presented at the event.

Right: Gathering coordinator Helen Varley Jamieson introduces the first panel of speakers, from left: Kilda Northcott, Lyne Pringle, Jo Randerson and Helen Moulder.



The National Gathering will bring together women theatre practitioners from around the country for a focussed period of showing work in progress and giving and receiving feedback about that work.It will take place at the Newtown Community Centre, Wellington, at Easter 2007 (5-10 April).

The gathering is part of Magdalena Aotearoa’s long-term aim to foster an environment for the development of work over time, building a body of work for a planned international festival in 2009.

Giving and receiving constructive criticism and feedback will be the theme of the gathering, as we have recognised that this is something we are generally not very skilled at. Workshops and discussions around this theme will take place during the gathering.