Gathering 2007: works-in-progress

The works in progress shown and discussed at the National Gathering were (in order of presentation):

  • Kitchen Drawers
    1-3pm, Friday 6 April
    This will be the third and final part of a longer work, The Voyage, by Rose Beauchamp, featuring puppetry, mask and clown and exploring themes of living, dying and being present through the contents of her mother’s kitchen drawers. Rose is particularly looking for dramaturgical feedback from people with some experience or feeling for clown work.
  • The Lady and the Hooligan: A Melodrama in as Many Acts
    3.30-6pm, Friday 6 April
    Pauleen Hayes has written a three-act script based on the story of Flossie Le Mar, an eccentric vaudeville entertainer and pacifist who toured Australasia during the 1900s with her husband, demonstrating the benefits of Ju Jitsu for women “set upon by the evil designs of men.” Pauleen is interested in exploring – with humour – the concept of sexual violence as a random, inadvertently latent, vaguely inherent male legacy. As well as finding possible collaborators, Pauleen is also looking for overall feedback on the dramaturgy, music, use of multi-media and choreography.
  • Winter
    1-3pm, Saturday 7 April
    A one-act play by Diane Spodarek about a U.S. national who comes to live in New Zealand with her Kiwi partner; the script has had workshop readings at the Playmarket conference and in New York. Diane is pondering whether it needs to be developed to a full-length production or stay as one act, as well as how to go deeper into the psyche of two people from opposite ends of the earth, and how to reach an NZ audience with a Kiwi character when she, the writer, is not a Kiwi.
  • Does This Make Sense To You?
    3.30-6pm, Saturday 7 April
    A stage adaptation of Renée’s novel of the same name, this work addresses the topical issue of teen pregnancy and is directed byLilicherie McGregor with a cast including Madeline McNamara and Dale Ferris. An invited audience of teen mothers will attend the rehearsed reading at the Gathering and feedback will be sought from this specific target audience.
  • What It means to be civilised
    3.30-6pm, Sunday 8 April
    A new work exploring what it means to be civilised, devised by Interloper (Chrissie Butler, Ksenya Chobanovich, Kieran Monaghan, Bronwyn Bent and Isaac Smith). The group is intersted in feedback on the dramaturgy, audience relationship and visual impact.
  • Double Helix
    1-3pm, Monday 9 April
    The story of the mystery of DNA is the starting point for a performance that embodies and physicalises the human dilemma of competition versus cooperation – concept by Nancy Fulford, with four actors. Nancy is interested in finding actors to work with, technical ideas and support, and exploring musical accompaniment.
  • The Bonekeeper
    3.30-6pm, Monday 9 April
    A theatrical exploration of relationship: with the earth, with our ancestors, our lovers, ourselves. The Bonekeeper, still in the process of being revised and devised, is being co-written by Kathleen Gallagher and Helen Moran. Devised and performed by Helen Moran, it grows out of a years’ exploration of archetypal material with Jane Gilmer which culminated in a professional production. Helen will be seeking feedback on specific areas including use of multimedia, Maori aspect, and setting up a national and international tour.