Gathering 2009: participants’ blog posts

As we were launching a new web site at Recharge: The Gathering 2009, participants were encouraged to create blog posts about the Gathering during the event. The web site has since been updated to this new one, but the posts are preserved here.

Writing a review – the Gathering 09 session - On the Friday morning Helen facilitated a workshop: Writing and reading feedback. We talked about reviews and what they can add to a performer’s journey.Read More
hula highlights - Hard to believe, I know, but there are some life skills that I have never mastered. I cannot click my fingers, or roll my tongueRead More
What I did in the holidays - This easter I went to Newtown for my holidays. It was fun. There was chocolate, cake and hot cross buns, coffee, yoga and lots ofRead More
Gathering 09 - Mihi nui ki a koutou katoa, a nga wahine toa na. Grounded exuberant pensive creative sparkling tribe of mine, such a joy to be withRead More
Gathering open stage and party - On Monday we had our open stage event and closing night party. We had a great time. Hula hoops helped. Judith.
bodies without shadow? - Jack Trolove offered us the opportunity to explore working with some everyday materials to create visual starting points for thinking around an idea. We ‘played’Read More
AGM 2009 Magdalena Aotearoa AGM 2009 - On Monday afternoon we had the AGM. Jessica and Madeline co-chaired with aplomb. We saluted absent friends. Progress was reported and such.
Salome – Shadow of a White Rose in a Silver Mirror - After a free Sunday morning, we came together for lunch then our only work in progress of the day. Jade Valour lay out the bonesRead More
Sunday – working more on working together - Sunday afternoon our self-appointed task was: working with four of the presentations, to develop ideas and look for concrete next steps. This was a wayRead More
Remote collaboration - Challen Wilson and Helen Varley Jamieson discussed their approaches to remote collaboration in making work. Challen had earlier presented: Winter Overture: extracted – the spiritRead More
Saturday at the Gathering - Saturday began with a Randai demonstration by Megan Collins & dancers Bronwyn, Linda and Lutu. Randai is a dance form from the Minang region ofRead More
Launch of the New Web Site & Database & Domain Name - Right now we are launching this brand new spunky web site, our online database and – finally! – our own domain name, Here areRead More
Writing about our work - This morning after the training we had a discussion/workshop about writing about our work. We talked about the different ways of writing (reviews, feedback, etc)Read More
Starting the day - We started Friday morning with training. I liked the way both the offerings gave us the chance to consider and explore ourselves in that moment,Read More
Let the Gathering Begin! - This evening our third Gathering got underway – Recharge: The Gathering 2009. The Gathering is a platform for showing work-in-progress, and getting constructive criticism fromRead More